art is the gnart

"the latest psychadelic warning from the future"
bff necklaces fashioned from brooklyn holiday inn keycards.

"best wallet ever"
tactical money/id unit made from w-s arts council paycheck envelope/duct tape/painters tape

"thanks banana"
mike shepherd hand inked banana thank you note. RE: jenny r. is the best

"my ex girlfriend's cat and some downloaded simpsons episodes"
sticker collage on ext. hard drive.

"vibe amp"
andrew fansler placing orgonite in a pine and cast orgonite resin disc.

"mens styles"
sassy rack in winston salem

"the earth is just unbagged trash, really"
dirt from brooklyn back yard, diligently shoveled into garbage bags to be carried through apartment to street, presumably to be picked up by garbage collectors.

"the witches circle"
semi-alphabetical and incomplete documentation of RJR's corporate art collection

"urly burd"
bookbag made more internetty with a sharpie

winston salem summer

"vibe amp 2"
an fanz and his orgone direct tv reciever

"poolin 2"
winston salem summerin'

"poolin' 3"
blah blah in the blah

"poolin 4"
totally different from previous poolin' posts

ink on RJR golden-leaf cafe and commissary take-out box

"fruitball bat"
graphite on hammermill 8.5x11 photocopy paper

"deer is riding for free"
S.H.C. installation, mixed media, stuffed animal in volvo 240

"nights in the hole"
process still from social practice performance 'lifestylin'

'victorian hand job'
found ceramic wall ornament

"86 911"
expo marker on white board
process still from performance series 'waiter hater'

process still from 'lifestylin'

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